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Painted Yoga Designs

I made a series of Painted Yoga designs a few months ago. Just a fun style with reference to some of the more recognisable yoga postures or Asanas. To see more of this style on a variety of products, visit: Zazzle - Mindful Designs

Fisherman at Dawn

Here is a picture I took at Otis Reservoir a couple of years ago. It's quite a peaceful picture of a fisherman knee deep in a lake at dawn. I especially like this image because of the peacefulness it captures. I haven't fished since I was a kid, but I can fully understand the "at one with nature" feeling it can bring.

Climb a Tree

Here's a pretty cool design I did last year. I recently found out that there is quite a large group of people dedicated to climbing trees, something I can appreciate having climbed many a tree. As a sport(?), it ties neatly into tree and nature conservation. When people are familiar with nature, they are more likely to respect and preserve it.  
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