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Painted Yoga Designs

I made a series of Painted Yoga designs a few months ago. Just a fun style with reference to some of the more recognisable yoga postures or Asanas. To see more of this style on a variety of products, visit: Zazzle - Mindful Designs

Climb a Tree

Here's a pretty cool design I did last year. I recently found out that there is quite a large group of people dedicated to climbing trees, something I can appreciate having climbed many a tree. As a sport(?), it ties neatly into tree and nature conservation. When people are familiar with nature, they are more likely to respect and preserve it.  

The Meditator - a meditation design

Here is the basic meditation design that inspired this theme and this blog.   I was aiming for a design that was an expression of mindfulness. This includes love (heart), mind (meditation) and simplicity (the stylistic line drawing) The meaning is up to you, but to me it is simply the emotion it creates. The Meditator also lends itself to many s[...]
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